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We want you to have options to fit you and your businesses needs! Choose from the coaching focuses below and two coaching program options. A self-guided path with select coaching feedback and support.

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Clarify Your Vision For Success

  • Clarify what you really want and establish a specific path to powerfully move forward in your business
  • Define a "Big Picture" VISION for your business that is strategically based on your ideal life to avoid lack, struggle, and exhaustion
  • Establish an action PLAN to overcome your blocks to success that are unknowingly sabotaging your results
  • Powerfully move forward in your business and create the true foundation for success and abundance

Define Your Niche Business & Signature Program

  • Discover how your life has perfectly prepared you to serve your clients 
  • Powerfully connect your personal transformations to the exact problem of who you serve (your "Tribe") and want solved
  • Identify the unique Transformation and Value you have to offer the world that is deeply desired by who you are here to serve
  • Deeply understand Who You Serve, Their Greatest Struggles, & Problems and what they really want and how to create offers and programs to support them
  • Clarify Your Niche, Who You Serve, and What You Should Sell
  • Establish your Niche Business & Signature Program that truly makes a difference in the world

Create Offers That Sell
(and maximize time & money)

  • Establish a clear Money and Time Vision that support you to have the freedom to work only the hours you want and earn the ideal revenue to live your best life......! 
  • Establish a sound Pricing Strategy for your offers based on your ideal life (vs. creating offers and pricing them based on "what the market will bear" - this is a recipe for struggle)
  • Avoid unconsciously sabotaging your business by establishing a business model and offers that will NOT provide the lifestyle, time, or money you deeply desire
  • Create a business strategy that supports YOU with self-care, productivity, and a sense of empowerment while fully enjoying both work, family time, and play
  • Say YES to your own needs and desires and have an abundant life you love where your needs and “down-time” are a priority
  • Feel energized being in service to others instead of drained or depleted due to over-working, over-committing, or lack of rejuvenation time for yourself

Signature Courses

Choose the VIP Coaching Program and add these coaching focuses to your choice!

Niche Signature Program

Organize To Monetize

Monetize Your Purpose

Attract Your Worth


Elevate Your Business, Stand Out In Your Niche, and Monetize Your Purpose!

"My whole entire professional career has been transformed and I found the peace and happiness I was looking for by doing what makes me happy instead of doing things that just make me money!! I’m getting exactly the life that I want because of coaching with Debby Eubank – If any of this resonates with you, I would recommend working with her. I would not have been able to do this on my own, because at the end of our first program, I tried, and the thing I learned is everyone needs support emotionally, spiritually, and you get all of this with biz / finance and time management support."

Jenna Soard
Founder, You Can Brand

"I am filled with such clarity on how to speak about what I do, the programs I offer, and how to reach the audience I am seeking. In fact, I laugh at just how easy it truly is now!"

Tarnie Fulloon
Embodiment Mentor & Speaker

"The Niche On Purpose Program was exceptionally transformational for my business! After struggling professionally for years, to clarify and clearly articulate what I do, why I do it (my Big Why story), the specific benefits of what I offer, and to develop my new Adrenal Fatigue Recovery programs. Now I have programs that are in complete alignment with my own purpose and values!"

Claire Bissonnette
Integrative Health Coach


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